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Find convenience and confidence in your feeding plan. Flow Lactation responds to rental requests by email within 24-48 hours. We will let you know availability, and email you an invoice which is payable online. Equipment rental is not final until both the Scale Rental Request Form and the payment are received by Flow Lactation.

Scale Rental Request Form

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I agree to the terms and conditions listed below:

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Thank you for your request to rent the equipment marked above from Flow Lactation, LLC (“we” or “us”). By signing this form, you agree to the following terms:


  1. The rental period begins when we deliver the equipment to you. The rental fee must be paid in full before the rental period begins. There are no refunds for equipment that is returned early.
  2. Only you and other members of your household may use the equipment. You may not put anything on a rented scale other than your baby. You agree to keep the scale away from pets and other children in the home.
  3. You agree to return the equipment to us at the end of the rental period in the same condition that you received it. If you do not return the equipment at the end of the rental period, the rental period will be extended for additional time (1 month periods) —and you will continue to be charged for those rental periods—until you return the equipment.
  4. You agree to pay to repair or replace any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) during the rental period.
  5. We disclaim—and you waive—all warranties and representations about the equipment.