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In short, Ashley was a lifesaver. She identified a major latching issue and mapped out manageable steps to address it. The fact that she came to our home was not only convenient but practical. She was instrumental in getting us through those first few weeks as new parents.

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Flow Lactation was key in helping me feel prepared for the arrival of our baby. Ashley put me at ease, provided evidence-based information in an easy to understand way, and was patient with all of my questions. Highly recommend to anyone expecting who is looking for compassionate, professional support.

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After months of troubleshooting on my own I finally reached out and we had dramatic changes immediately! Ashley was supportive and validating, helping me focus on my goals using evidence-based guidance. Her kindness and reassurance is helping me continue my breastfeeding journey!


Working with Ashley was a game-changer! Ashley was a reassuring and warm presence who created a plan and provided lots of resources and education to empower us. She cares deeply for her clients. Don’t hesitate to work with Ashley – you will be glad you did!


Ashley provided compassionate support and professional guidance to help us through a rough patch on our breastfeeding journey. We are so grateful for her help getting everything back on track, and helping me see that even though our goals have shifted, we can still be successful.


I debated reaching out. My pediatrician said an IBCLC wasn’t necessary because I was exclusively pumping, but I’m so glad I did. Ashley was one of the only lactation consultants who listed pumping and bottle feeding services on her website. Our newborn was having trouble gaining weight. With Ashley’s expert care we were confident with our plan. My only regret is that we didn’t reach out sooner!

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