How We Help

IBCLCs can help with any infant feeding issues, from pregnancy through solids and into weaning.

For those in the greater Charlottesville Area (see service area), Virginia, we offer convenient in-home postpartum consults. If you’re pregnant or live outside the service area, please book an office visit. Virtual consults are also available throughout the U.S.

Here are some of the ways we help:

…Pregnant and Prepared

These are our favorite consults!

While labor and birth may be on the forefront of your mind, it’s often said that birth is the sprint whereas breastfeeding is the marathon. A prenatal consult can help you pick out a pump, get your questions answered, plan out your supplies and feeding stations at home, and get strategies to help you achieve your feeding goals. These sessions are customized to each family, and weekend appointments are available. Prenatal consults are in our Crozet office or virtual. Prenatal clients get priority scheduling when booking for the first week postpartum.  

Ideal for 28-35 weeks

60 minutes

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Starting off Strong

Peace of mind in your first week at home is invaluable. There is a lot to learn in the first few days with a newborn, and it’s important to make sure you feel confident and comfortable with your feeding plan. Get reassuring guidance and answers to all your newborn questions. Prenatal clients get priority scheduling for these consults.


Ideal for the first week at home with baby

90 minutes

Common Concerns

Breastfeeding and pumping should not hurt. If it’s challenging to achieve a comfortable latch, or you’re worried about your supply or baby’s growth we are here when you need us. No extra charge for weekend appointments. 

We can support you through challenges like:

  • receiving conflicting advice on feeding
  • wanting to talk through pros and cons of different feeding options (yes, there are options and breastfeeding doesn’t have to be an ‘all or nothing’ approach)
  • latching feels like pinching or biting
  • nipple looks creased or flattened after nursing
  • full/heavy-feeling breasts, even after feeding
  • soft/empty-feeling breasts, even before feeding 
  • cracked, bleeding, damaged nipples
  • clogged ducts or feeling like milk is stuck
  • pumping or supplementing when it wasn’t part of your original plan
  • relying on a nipple shield with no end in sight
  • “triple feeding” with no end in sight
  • feeling like every feed is a struggle
  • baby has a slow weight gain pattern
  • baby often fussy, even right after a feed
  • baby unable to stay latched and popping on and off the breast
  • baby spitting up after most feedings
  • baby leaking milk out of the corners of the mouth while latched
  • baby makes smacking or clicking sounds while latched

Pumping and Feeding Patterns

We walk you through pumping step by step. Find the pump and accessories that are best for your lifestyle, ensure flanges fit well, personalize pump settings to maximize milk supply, and learn about safe milk storage.


Ideal between 1-2 months postpartum or for anyone who exclusively pumps

60-90 minutes

Month Three- Thriving or Just Getting Through

If feeding your 3-4 month old baby is all of a sudden….different…you’re not alone. It’s common for babies this age to become distracted and fussy during feedings. If you’re back to work, that may take some adjusting as well. Get tricks to help navigate this phase so you can keep on keeping on.


Ideal for 3-4 months postpartum

60 minutes

The Grand Finale

Whenever you decide that your breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey will come to an (often bittersweet) end, we can give you gentle and peaceful strategies so you can move confidently to the next phase with your baby. As of April 2024, these consults will take place at our Crozet office.


Ideal whenever you or your baby are ready to cutback or stop latching/pumping (wean).

60 minutes