Flow & Friends

A meet-up for breastfeeding moms 

Join Us Weekly @ Musicology

2220 Ivy Road, Suite 404, Charlottesville


Thank you to all who joined during the spring! We hope to do more gatherings in the fall.





  • Flow & Friends is a place to connect with mothers who are in the same busy, beautiful, demanding, ever-changing phase of life. These connections are powerful parenting tools, and we hope you will find your community here.
  • This group is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming. We understand that breastfeeding and motherhood can look different for different families. Any mother who is giving any amount of breastmilk to her child is welcome to attend, and welcome to feed her child during the group.
  • This group is facilitated by an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who provides evidence-based guidance and answers general questions. If you need individualized advice, please book a lactation consult.
  • A professional newborn scale is available for you to check baby’s weight. 
What to Bring
  • yourself (even if you’re running late)
  • your baby (or not, it’s your choice)
  • anything you might need to keep your baby comfortable and happy and fed
  • socks for you (please leave shoes at the door), and comfortable clothing so you can sit on the floor mats with your baby
  • masks are optional
What Not to Bring
  • older siblings (we kindly ask that you help everyone focus on their newest arrivals)
  • strollers (Musicology has plenty of free on-site parking just steps away from the door)
  • germs (if you or members of your household are sick, please join us once you’re well)